E.L. Brey

Elmer Lewis Brey was one of 39 area residents that became Charter Members of the Dundee Township Lions Club on March 15,1937, when this club was established.

1938—1939—Secretary & Treasurer
1943—1944—Secretary & Treasurer

Served for 54 years. Longest serving Charter Member.


During the 2nd Year of the Lions, 1938,39 while Elmer was Secretary and Treasurer – the Dundee Township Lion’s Club donated a total of $204 to area organizations. $4,500 in 2022.
A contribution of $2.50 went toward the plowing of ground for NYA; sending a Girl Scout to camp took $10; the city parks tennis court construction fund received .$4. The Lions raised $20 through sponsorship of a Federal Theater Project play titled “Leaning on Letty”. The performance was for the benefit of the Boy and Girl Scout house. A furnace for the Scout house cost the Lions $125 and $25 was al10cated for children’s eyeglasses. Children’s clothing collected by the Lion members was distributed by the city truant officer. We played hosts to grade and high school basketball teams and donated $10 to the Junior Women’s Club library. Easter time brough an egg hunt sponsored by the Club and a $12 donation to the high school Band Parents organization for the purchase of band uniforms.
Elmer’s father, originally built this building in West Dundee in 1901-’02. He ran a restaurant and a bakery here. Later he changed careers and opened up a Ford Dealership in this building. A few decades later, he built a new Ford dealership across the street at what is today Spa Bleu.

picture of the H.H. Brey store originally completed in 1902 in town town dundee
Later, The H.H. Brey Ford Dealership built this building, c. early 1940’s
news clipping of dundees new store from March 14, 1902 Dundee Hawkeye Newspaper
March 14, 1902 Dundee Hawkeye Newspaper