Art Kruger

     The Stain Werner Memorial Legacy Lion Program

Art Kruger

Picture of Art Kruger

Tonight we honor the longest serving member of Dundee Township Lions Club, Lion Art Kruger! Art is a Melvin Jones fellow who has served our Club in many different ways over the years, giving selflessly to others and never seeking the spotlight.
Art worked at Toastmaster from 1981-2007 when he retired. He relocated to Algonquin with them in 1986 from Missouri, where he was born & raised. During his time there he was pulled out of an ill-maintained freight elevator just 15 seconds before it crashed 3 floors to the ground!! We are so lucky Art escaped almost certain death and went on to provide such service to the community!
Art joined the Dundee Club in March 1991 because the Crystal Lake Club was too much of a social club in those days and he wanted to serve!! Four members from Toastmaster sponsored him. He has been with the Club for some 32 years and has been heavily involved in a host of events including running and turning around the Boys Basketball tournament and his favorite Pancake Breakfasts! Hwy 68 Street Cleaning, Candy Days and Halloween at Randall Oaks, where he particularly enjoys scaring the kids, are other major events he has supported. Art has been a First V.P, a regular Board member and Lion of the Year on two occasions.
Art is very much a family man and while he and his family have faced many challenges over the years, you will never hear him neglect his responsibilities or complain. Prior to his Mom’s death, she relocated to Illinois from Missouri and Art would visit her regularly to make sure all was good. Art, with his daughter Brittany, have both been very active in NISRA, the Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association, for approximately 15 years. Art has been a member of Moose International at Belvidere since 2007 where he loves cooking the food for the Friday night events. He has been very active for the last 6 years.

Examples of Art in action with the Lions
Left: Basketball Tournament Right: NISRA Donation – 2023

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