Richard Robertson

picture of Richard Robertson
Richard Robertson

Richard Robertson is the longest living, serving Lion in The Dundee Township Lions Club. He has been an active and dedicated Lion for 41 years (as of 2023) and still counting.

In the years before becoming a Lion, Dick dedicated himself to teaching music and playing beautiful music with the Elgin Symphony Orchestra.
In 1980, while playing with the Orchestra, Dick along with his wife Diane made the decision to open a paneling company in Algonquin, Illinois. It became Paneling Unlimited. This led him to the Algonquin Lions Club. He joined in 1982, being sponsored by the local pharmacist, Lion Jim Hutchinson. (Lion Jim Hutchinson also served as our District Governor). Following in the footsteps of his sponsor, Dick jumped right in and became an active and leading member of the Algonquin Lions Club. He served as their secretary for 5 years. He also served as News Editor, Candy Day Chairman and then President.
In 1998, he received the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a Lion, the “Melvin Jones” Award.
Dick continued to serve in the Algonquin Lions Club for 27 years.
In 2009, he transferred to the Dundee Township Lions Club. He served as our secretary for 7 years. He was honored with “The Lion of the Year” Award in 2014. He has served the Dundee Township Lions Club for 14 years.
In 2012 he took on the comprehensive task of re-writing the Club’s Bi-Laws with Nancy and Jim Connelly.
Dick along with his wife Diane, have also continued to be active in the community, volunteering their time and talents. In 2016, they were chosen as “Volunteer of the Year” by the East Dundee Chamber of Commerce.

Lion Dick Robertson, “Legacy Lion”
We thank you for your 41years of service to your community and your club.


  • Elgin High School
  • Northern College—Bachelor’s Degree In Music
  • Northwestern—Masters Degree in Performance

Right out of college (1958) – taught music at Niles Public School. By 1967, he was teaching at Abbott Junior High in Elgin. This extended out to his being a traveling teacher, teaching at multiple (4 or 5) schools.
Music has always been Dick’s passion. When still in High School, he played the Saxophone in the Elgin Symphony Orchestra for a “Pop” Concert.
After College (1958) he played with the Elgin Symphony Orchestra for 24 years (1962-1986)
He served on their board for ten years after that.

news clipping from The Herald, November 09, 1983 saying that the money collected from candy days approached $5000
The Herald, November 09, 1983
Picture of Dick Robertson in the show room of Paneling Unlimited 1980
Cardunal Free Press, February 29, 1980