Harry D Jacobs

picture of Harry D Jacobs 1896- 1974
1896- 1974

Harry Jacobs was the Dundee Township Lions Club Charter Secretary and Treasurer when the Club was formed by Joseph Estes in 1937. He continued in this role through the 1937-1938 year and then went on to serve as President in 1941-42. He served our Club for 35 years and passed away in 1974, aged 78.
Born in Harrod, Ohio in 1896, Harry served in World War 1, studied for his Bachelor of Science at Kent State before receiving his Master of Science at Columbia. He then com-pleted post-graduate work at both the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois.
Harry chose education for his career and devoted his entire working life to it. From 1925-1933, he served as assistant principal of Dundee High School and became the school principal in 1933, serving in this role until 1948. During this time our Lions Club was founded in 1937. In 1948 he was promoted to the Superintendent of Dundee Schools (District 300) and served in this role until 1966 when he retired.

Dundee High School 1922– 1953 (Located on Route 31, just north of the cemetery)

The Harry D. Jacobs High School (commonly known as Jacobs or HDJ) in Algonquin was named in his honor, to recognize his service to school district 300, in May 1974 prior to his death later that year. The school is dedicated to the spirit, vision, ability and excellence personified in the life of Harry Jacobs. Though Harry did not see the school completed, he did see the blueprints before he passed. The school opened in 1976.
During his tenure as school superintendent, Harry was remembered for his dynamic leadership during a time of unprecedented growth from 1,630 to 10,000 students. Ultimately, Harry was likely the catalyst for bringing teachers into our Lions Club even prior to Ron Rhoades!
Outside work and the Lions, Harry was also a member and former trustee of the First Methodist Church in Dundee. He truly cared about the local area and was a fine, upstanding member of the community.

picture of the Harry D Jacobs High school in Algonquin Illinois

Harry D. Jacobs High School Algonquin

picture of the sign in front of H D Jacobs High School